Why Blogging?

No one has asked me yet “why blogging?”. “Why put your life out there for the world to read about?” I am sure, someday, someone will and I will direct them straight to this post.

In the lead up to A.B. leaving for the Navy I had done some “googling” about navy life, spouse support, Australian Naval base locations and anything else that popped into my head in the process.

The one thing though, that I was hoping to find, was some form of support group for Navy Spouses (I really wish I could say wife. “Navy Wife” sounds so much better!). Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

I wanted real advice. Real stories. Real thoughts and opinions on what it is truly like being linked to the navy and not having “my person” around when I wanted or needed them.

I had looked online and on Facebook but to no avail. The only thing I could find was those websites where people ask questions and other people answer them. What are they called?? I’m sure it’ll come to me. Maybe I was searching with the wrong words. Who knows?! The only groups on Facebook that I could find that were even slightly close to what I wanted, were for spouses of the US defense force.

I wanted something a little closer to home. Australia.

I had been thinking (not very seriously) about starting some form of diary or something to write down all my feelings and thoughts while A.B. is away. It wasn’t until a friend on Facebook shared her own blog about her very similar but different situation (long distance relationship/ not Navy related) that I started thinking seriously about doing this.

I guess, by blogging, I am hoping that other Navy spouses / children / partners / husbands and wives like me will be able to relate to what I am going through.

I want to hear peoples stories, read any comments that anyone might have and generally build a safe environment for anyone needing support, or a laugh, to come to.

That is “Why Blogging?”



Where it all began…

I guess I should probably start from the beginning. It is a long story but I will try keep it as short as possible.

Let’s rewind six years..
This time six years ago I was about to graduate high school and my family was about to relocate to a small country town in Far North Queensland. The reason for the move: my Dad worked away. A five-hour drive away, to be exact.

Fast forward a few months to February 2011.
Two months in and I hadn’t found a stable job yet. I decided that I needed to stop being so picky and take what I could get. My mum had continually told me that I should apply at a local fast food restaurant. Giving in I decided to put my big girl pants on and hand in an application.

I remember walking in to the store and for what ever reason, I was unbelievably nervous. It didn’t help that half the employees were on shift that day and were all standing around the front counter. Obviously, as soon as I walked in they all stopped and looked.

*Side Note*
I was extremely shy, hated crowds and hated having any kind of attention directed towards me, especially if I didn’t know the people providing that attention.

In that moment though, for whatever reason, I had a wave of confidence brush over me.  I took a breath and told myself that there was absolutely no reason for me to be nervous. I walked up to the counter, handed the application to the manager with a smile, had a chat, then left.

A few days later I got a phone call from the manager I had handed the application to. Let’s just call him A.B.     A.B. asked if I was still interested in a job and if I would like to come in for an interview. Of course I said yes, and within a week I had a job.

Little did I know that handing in a simple application would lead to the most amazing, happy, sad, up and down next five  years of my life.

At this point in time I had no interest in getting into a serious relationship. But we all know how life loves to throw curve balls at you. Over the next 6 – 12 months A.B. and I grew closer and eventually started dating. Mind you, it wasn’t all sunshine and daisies. We got off to a pretty rocky start. A story for another time


People eventually started finding out about our relationship and in the grand scheme of things it was perfect timing (even if it didn’t feel like it). A Store Manager position opened up in a nearby store and because of our relationship A.B. decided to apply for the position. Within the month her was transferred.

It was tough to start with, working opposite shifts and barely seeing each other some weeks. We stuck it out though, moved in together a year later and now here we are.

July 31st, 2016. I’ve since found a new job and A.B. is enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy, he leaves tomorrow…

It’s been five years since we decided we wanted to be apart of each others lives. And can I say, we are more in love than ever.

Who knew handing in a simple job application would lead me to “My Person”